BB <3 TT – My theory on Belichick and Tebow

Many Patriots fans are confused and, frankly, worried by the recent events that have unfolded with regards to Florida QB Tim Tebow. Head coach Bill Belichick and head of personnel Nick Caserio dined with the player last week and Belichick in particular has been very quick to discuss and praise Tebow in recent press appearances.

Rarely, if ever, have Belichick and the Patriots organisation allowed so much media attention on their apparent interest with a player. As a result, the events have somewhat polarised the opinions out there. More mock drafts are now slating Tebow as a Patriots second round pick, but several people also believe it’s purely a smoke-screen.

Now, I have no basis for this theory, as the Patriots rarely worry about public opinions and Belichick certainly doesn’t seem to care what people think. He does “the best for the football team” no matter what, but here goes:

I think the Patriots are seriously considering drafting Tebow. Maybe at 22, maybe by trading down, maybe in the 2nd round, maybe even later, but I think they are considering it, and I think they’re aware of the negativity that idea brings out in Patriot Nation. I think that they’re trying to play up Tebow, so that there’s no/less back-lash if they make the pick. Just a theory…

The media circus that would no doubt still surround Tebow if he was drafted by the Patriots. Image from chasingfun via Flickr


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