Draft Class Review – 2007

Brandon Meriweather was the Patriots' first round selection in 2007. Image from "patriotworld" via Flickr

The Patriots’ 2007 Draft Class is pretty forgettable in terms of the players actually selected, but will always be remembered (luckily for the Pats’ talent evaluators) for two trades. The Patriots gave their 2nd and 7th rounders to the Dolphins for Wes Welker, and a 4th rounder to the Raiders for Randy Moss. The two went on to make huge contributions to the 2007 team’s record-breaking offense. Besides those trades, the only player selected that is still a Patriot is  Brandon Meriweather.

  • 1st Round – 24th Selection – Brandon Meriweather, Safety, Miami (Florida). Meriweather was a pretty solid pick and on the surface he looks even better than that. Now with 3 seasons under his belt he’s a Pro Bowler, but he still has significant problems with tackling and occasional lapses of concentration. Never really been an absolute top-class safety but a decent player. 4/5
  • 4th Round – 127th Selection – Kareem Brown, Defensive Tackle, Miami (Florida). Brown spent his rookie year inactive and the team cut ties with him after that. The Jets tried to convert him from 3-4 DE to TE but then cut him, then he lasted 8 days with the Giants and now he plays for the Titans, although he’s only seen the field once in his career and has zeros across the stats sheet. 1/5
  • 5th Round – 171st Selection – Clint Oldenburg, Offensive Tackle, Colorado State. Another practice squad guy that was eventually cut and went to the Jets… then the Rams, Broncos, Vikings and now Redskins. 1/5
  • 6th Round – 180th Selection – Justin Rogers, Defensive End, SMU. Waived during the final cuts for the 2007 season. 1/5

Y’know what? I give up! They later drafted Mike Richardson (CB), Justice Hairston (RB), Corey Hilliard (OT), Oscar Lua (LB) and Mike Elgin (C). You’ve spotted the pattern by now. 2 of those 5 are out of the league and the other 3 have hardly seen the field. The 2007 draft was awful for the Patriots, even Meriweather isn’t that great, but these selections will always be overshadowed by an off-season in which the Pats brought in Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Dante Stallworth, Sammy Morris and others to create the 2007 Patriots team that so nearly went 19-0 and is the best football team I’ve even seen.


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