AFC East News – Jets trade for Santonio Holmes

Santonio Holmes (#10) celebrates with Steelers WR Hines Ward. Picture from Pburgh Stever via Flickr

The big news when I awoke this morning was that the Pittsburgh Steelers had traded Super Bowl XLIII MVP wide receiver Santonio Holmes to the New York Jets for a 5th Round in this year’s draft. My initial reaction? Worry. Holmes isn’t an absolutely top class receiver, but he’s pretty good, and I was scared about the prospect of the Pats facing him twice next year.

But here’s the bright side. He’s facing a possible 4 game suspension to start the season, so it might just be twice that the Pats face him. Also, he has had a somewhat troubled past off the field, with violence and marijuana possession etc.

I think this trade works out well for both teams. Pittsburgh get a 5th rounder in a deep draft for a bad egg. The Jets get a talented receiver for low compensation. The risk for the Jets is minimal and the potential pay-off could be massive. Holmes is probably their best receiver now, although I think he is somewhat over-rated.

The ideal situation for the Jets is that he sees the new team as a new challenge and plays his heart out in a contract year. The ideal situation for the Patriots is he sees the trade as a slap in the face and his problems continue and he ends up a free agent at the end of the year after a disappointment. Reminds me somewhat of the Randy Moss trade, minimal compensation for a great up-side, although Holmes is obviously nowhere near as talented as Moss. Bottom line is that this move could give Mark Sanchez a dangerous weapon and that wouldn’t be good for the Patriots’ secondary.


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