2010 NFL Combine Analysis – Part 6 – 40 times for OTs

  • The average time for the 19 offensive tackles that participated in the 40 yard dash at the 2010 NFL Combine was 5.262 seconds.
  • The fastest OT was Bruce Campbell from Maryland who ran the 40 yard dash in a time of 4.85 seconds.
  • The slowest OT was Adam Ulatoski from Texas who ran a 5.53 despite weighing in 14 lbs lighter than Campbell.
  • Most of the top prospects exceeded the peer average, including:
  • Brian Bulaga (Iowa) who ran a 5.26
  • Russell Okung (Oklahoma State) who ran a 5.17
  • Jared Veldheer (Hillsdale) who ran a 5.09
  • Trent Williams (Oklahoma) who ran a 4.88
  • One top prospect that missed out on the peer average was 323 lb Anthony Davis from Rutgers who ran a 5.38

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