2010 NFL Combine Analysis – Part 12 – 40 times for Safeties

  • The average time for the 18 safeties that participated in the 40 yard dash at the 2010 NFL Combine was 4.572 seconds.
  • The fastest safety was Taylor Mays from USC who officially ran a 4.43 (but many believe he was faster than that)
  • The slowest safety was Kendrick Lewis (Mississippi) with a time of 4.72 seconds.
  • Larry Asante, the SS from Alabama, ran a below-average time of 4.63 seconds.
  • Tennessee’s Eric Berry, the top safety in the draft, ran a 4.47 which was only bettered by Mays and Texas SS Earl Thomas who ran a 4.44
  • Reshad Jones from Georgia was quicker than average with a 4.54
  • Florida State’s Rhodes scholar safety Myron Rolle, who plans to be a neurosurgeon after his NFL career, was slower than average, stopping the clock at 4.68 seconds.

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