2010 NFL Combine Analysis – Part 1 – 40 Yard Dash Averages

I have finished inputting every single Combine invitee’s name, sorted the positions, and now logged the 40 times. I can’t figure out how many drills each player has exceeded peer average (EPA values 0-7) until I have the results from all 7 drills, which I don’t as yet, but I do have the 40 times.

These are the average times for each position:

    QB – 4.848
    RB – 4.584
    WR – 4.507
    TE – 4.709
    OT – 5.262
    OG – 5.269
    C – 5.224
    DT – 5.064
    DE – 4.784
    LB – 4.716
    CB – 4.513
    S – 4.572

2 responses to “2010 NFL Combine Analysis – Part 1 – 40 Yard Dash Averages

  1. Paul (duesouth10 NFL UK)

    The CB average of 4.513 sure makes Haden’s 4.7 look real slow!

    • It kinda does! I will say this though – still the number 1 corner in this draft by some way. The whole aim of this combine analysis I’m doing is to get the exceeded peer average (EPA) numbers for all 7 drills and see how these prospect compare to some in the past, but I don’t want to emphasize the combine numbers too much. I’m a strong believer in film. This is just a small aspect of it that’s easier to measure. That’s my opinion anyway. Maybe I’ll find some guys that don’t have NFL-calibre physical attributes that look good on film, and vice versa, but if I had to pick, I’ll take the guy that looks good on film.

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