Super Bowl Prediction

Last year for my Super Bowl prediction (27-21 Steelers) I was 2 points off a correct score, not predicting the safety giving the Cardinals 23. This year though, I’m not very confident. I genuinely don’t know what’s gonna happen in Super Bowl XLIV. Two explosive passing offenses, two great quarterbacks, two turnover-driven defenses. This could be a great game.

As a Patriots fan, I really don’t want to root for the Colts, but although I might temporarily be a member of “Who Dat!” nation, I think Indianapolis will win.

My prediction: 34-31 Colts.


2 responses to “Super Bowl Prediction

  1. I agree that the Colts will win. I know that it is tough for you to say that since you are a Pats fan and I was wondering who you want the Patriots to draft. I think they should take Jermaine Gresham, What do you think?

  2. Haha yeah it’s hard but I’ve gotta be honest. I like Gresham, gonna do one of my Draft Prospect posts about him soon. I like him, and the Pats need a tight end, but I’d like to see them take an elite pass rusher if there’s one available.

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