Tim Tebow showing signs of improvement at Senior Bowl

I managed to catch some of the early-day Senior Bowl practices and saw the most high-profile prospect in this year’s draft, Florida QB Tim Tebow, in action early. Taking snaps from under centre were clearly difficult for him, and his struggles were reflected in several fumbled exchanges.

As the practices continued though, Tebow seemed to settle into it and had some really nice throws, showing particularly nice touch on the deep ball (including one to Dexter McCluster, a player I really like and who made a great double move and catch on the play). However, there’s obviously no pressure on him when he’s throwing for the 1-on-1 drills and his mechanics, particularly the long duration of his motion and how low his arm gets, are very worrying for NFL scouts because under pressure he might struggle to get the ball off in time. I have difficulty seeing him as a start in the NFL but his overall skill-set and leadership could be valuable to a team that has clear ambitions about how they want to use Tebow.


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