Gotta lose to improve?

Michael Lombardi said on Bill Simmons’ “BS Report” today that losing the the Ravens was good for the Patriots.

“I think the Pats are clearly in a transitional state and I think it was the best thing. If you are a Patriots fan, you should be absolutely delighted that the Patriots lost the game… Had they won the game, you and I both know, and all Patriot Nation knows, they weren’t going to win the Super Bowl”

Still worth a shot right? Apparently not.

“If we go to the uncapped year in the NFL… the final eight teams wouldn’t be allowed to sign free agents. They could only replace free agents they lost. So it really would have hindered the Patriots offseason, in terms of adding a Julius Peppers, or any other great player out there… By losing the game, it keeps them out of the final eight and puts them in position to use all the cap room they have, all the resources they have, and actually spend some money and rebuild the team. I think it was the greatest thing that ever happened to the Patriots.”

Well I’m not sure about the last statement, but I’m feeling optimistic so I’m gonna go with it for a second here. It does give the team a better chance to build through free agency. Combined with the lack of a cap (which I would use to cut players without the cap hit) it could be a good time for the team to turnover the roster a bit. I can’t see the Pats giving huge money to a Peppers but maybe they give him a big first year in the contract and sort out a reasonable contract long-term. Either way, the free agency limitations for the top 8 teams have been avoided. I’m goin’ with Lombardi! The Pats clearly threw the game, did you see the non-tackling on Rice’s first run? Meriweather new the plan. I’m convinced.


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